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Online safety guidance sent out to parents (3.10.23)

We have always had a high level of filtering on our school network in order to keep everyone safe. There is now a higher expectation set out in Keeping Children Safe In Education 2023, published by the Government.


Our system at school that filters, monitors and alerts is called ‘Lightspeed’. All devices accessing the internet in school, ipads, Chromebooks, PC’s, phones are subject to the filtering and monitoring. If the system flags a safeguarding concern, an automatic email is sent to my school email address. If that email is not responded to, then Lightspeed will contact school by phone. Failing that, they will contact the police if the issue is deemed to be putting someone at risk.


In school the children use Google Classroom. This uses the Chrome Browser for accessing Google Classroom and its associated applications. For your peace of mind at home, if your child is logged into a Chrome Browser using their on any device (at home or anywhere else), they are automatically filtered and monitored using our system in school. The only way around that would be to open an ‘Incognito’ window, something that can be disabled using parental controls.


I felt this was important to inform you and helps make their use of the internet safer, therefore keeping everyone safe.


As always, we continue to work hard to keep all children safe. Thank you for your continued support in this.


Online safety guidance sent out to parents (12.10.22)

Good morning,

Last week I sent out the information below, showing how to set up parental controls on devices, streaming services and Apps. Following on from that, I have been passed this news article relating to false age declarations on social media. It is a huge problem and OfCOM are highlighting the dangers that this poses. Please have a read and make sure that you are confident your child is safe online. The Apps listed in the research all have and age restriction of 13, well above primary school age. In our safeguarding policies we have a mantra of ‘it could happen here’ and so we must all do whatever we can to make sure the children are as safe as is possible.

 Online Safety Information for Parents

 Setting Parent Controls

 Please find some useful resources for helping to keep your children safe online. The ‘Setting Parent Controls’ link provides the ability to use a dropdown menu for you to search for devices, games controls, social media apps etc, and then provides specific instructions. Sometimes setting controls can seem daunting, but this tool allows you to search all steaming services (something children regularly use without parental safety settings), and then get clear and details advice.


There are further links on our school website for your support (E-safety).


We are all spending much more time online at the moment and along with that may come increased risks. Please spend some time looking through the following information provided by the National Cyber Security Centre.


The Government has also issued this advice:


There is also this advice from The Children’s Society:


The NSPCC information for parents is also still very current and useful to read:


 Online Safety Agreement 2021.pdfDownload
 Online Safety Policy 2021.pdfDownload
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